Health Insurance BASICS

In the health section, you will see above the four different options to look at.

Individual is for either an individual or a family. Those plans all renew January 1 and the only time to get those plans are during open enrollment, unless you have a qualifying event.

Group insurance is if you have a group or business in place. Connecticut law is that you need a minimum of two people, some carriers require three, but minimum is two and the two people cannot be husband and wife. You can start a group plan whenever you’d like.

Medicare is for people typically 65 years or older.

Short Term is used to bridge a gap in coverage before a major medical plan starts.

Whichever option you are looking at, it is very important to make sure you know the doctors you see and the prescriptions you take. Each carrier has a link that shows you their network to see which doctors participate along with a drug formulary to see which prescriptions are covered. It’s very important to always do your homework before selecting a plan by making sure your doctors and prescriptions are covered.

Some applications and forms are done electronically and some still use a paper application. If you need to fill out a paper application, please be sure to write legibly and in dark ink. If the carriers misread what you write, it will cause issues later on when your ID card does not match who you are, or your date of birth. So please take an extra minute to make sure everything is written neatly and dark.