What our CLIENTS are Saying

“ I just want to thank you for all your assistance over the years! You and your family have been wonderful. I appreciate your willingness to help me and my family regardless of the outcome. You should be very proud of your service and business. I refer everyone I can to you for their health insurance needs. Although we are changing back to our corporate plan, I will always consider you as my" go to" for health care insurance issues. ”
“ Working with Alan and Derik to navigate both short term medical policies as well as Access Health CT was incredibly helpful! Alan helped us develop a strategy to bridge an expiring Cobra policy and Derik helped us work our way through the state exchange. Access Health CT can have glitches and Derik walked us through the entire process and followed up with the exchange and insurer on our behalf until we were certain we had the medical coverage we needed. I would highly recommend MACMAN to anyone shopping for insurance! ”
“They do a great job. Thank you Derik!”
“ Your response made me smile. Besides helping me when I was totally frustrated with my own efforts, you made the process easy and understandable. I almost can't believe I received the referral for your services yesterday, and you sent my application today. And that was with all your meetings Friday and today being Saturday. I am impressed and grateful.”
“ I am truly impressed by the level of service provided by Nicholas Sheketoff of Macman Insurance, Associates, LLC. Nicholas could not have been more helpful, thorough and professional in gathering information and answering all of my questions.  Excellent attention to detail, personalized service. I highly recommend! ”
“ Again, thank you so much for your quick replies and for helping me with finding a new policy. I appreciate it so much! ”
“ Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule yesterday. I really appreciate it, and slept better than I have in a while knowing I would be moving forward with this.”
“ Alan, thanks again for your insight and guidance - it saved me a lot of time. We will apply individually and set up our HSA. ”
-John & Anda
“ Just wanted to thank you for recommending Alan to us. We are coming off COBRA on December 31 and needed individual coverage. Alan gave me great guidance and saved me a lot of investigation time. ”
“ Nicholas, for you and for Alan: I am grateful to Dr. Tsimoyainis for having introduced me to you folks last year. I cannot see how anyone could navigate the current healthcare minefield without help. Having arranged lots of corporate health insurance as a corporate CFO, I am sure your expertise is broadly appreciated. ”
“ You did really good work for me, and I appreciate it. So does my wife – and she is going to call you in a couple of weeks to schedule a meeting to talk about Medicare related options. Thank you again. ”
“ We value our relationship with Macman Insurance, will continue to recommend your firm, and do business with you again in the future.Thank you for your help ”
“ I am very appreciative of all that you and Nicholas have done  -- I do not know how I would have navigated the process without expert help, and am also grateful for the patient and thorough follow-up. ”
“ First of all let me say that it is very comforting for Denise and I to know that you are again responsible for our health insurance. ”
“ Nicholas, this is exactly why I wanted to use an agent-for that hometown service! Thanks so much for all your help. ”
“ Hi Nicholas, thanks so much for all of your help. It’s easy to see why you and your dad come so highly recommended. At some point I’d like to stop by and grab some of your business cards to pass out to my clients who need your services. ”
“ Thank you VERY much Nicholas. You’re as efficient as your dad --- must be in the genes!!! ”
“ Thank you Nicholas, your expertise and efficient assistance has been greatly appreciated!”
“ Alan, thank you for sharing so much of your time and knowledge in helping us pick our new plan. It is so confusing, you really helped us a lot! ”
“ Alan, You are a star!!!! Thanks so much! ”
“ Thanks Much Nick. Totally made my day better and you made this so painless… ”